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DevOps, AWS(cloud), Full Stack Web API, Mobile App and Agile. This is what we eat, drink and breath. Our experise can help you try, build and deploy project with latest tech.

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DevOps and Cloud(AWS)

Build,  Release , Repeat! Continues Integration and Delivery is the need of the hour and know how it works. Running your stacks on AWS, we can help you optimize. EC2,Code Deploy, lambda(Serverless), CloudTrail and more.

Full Stack Web Application

With skills like Python REST APIs, Django ,Flask in backend API development and technologies Angular, ReactJS and Vue.js in front-end, we can help you in developing complete full stack web application.

Mobile Apps Development

With increasing demand of cross platform or hybrid app development technologies, we are skilled with latest frameworks like http://flutter.dev (by google) and react-native to develop iOS and android apps

Ready Agile Teams

With experience in Agile software development methods, our teams are co-located, cross skilled and ready to deploy in the shortest possible time. With a Scrum Master service, we make sure that Agile delivers the values it is supposed to deliver.

The Technology Trend

The technology trends are changing faster than expected pace every year and our continued learning and adaptation approach make us the fasted learning team. Continues learning is part of our culture and we make sure that our team equipped with all arms. The full stack development involves technologies starting from front end UI to back end APIs for development. But the technology does not stop as development, our DevOps skills make sure that you release your project fast and robust. 

Learning and experience is the only way to win the technology race, and we know it best.

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Finishing a technology project in time with quality is tough and one good team with business and technology expertise can make it happen. With your business knowledge and our technical skills, we can definitely deliver. 

With expertise in automation, Test Driven Development (TDD), Continues Integration and continues delivery, the quality and time can be taken care of.



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Answers to Your Questions

How soon can we start?

With ready to deploy agile cross functional team, we can start working from next hour. We have Web (front-end, back-end), Mobile, DevOps and Cloud experts ready to start.

Which technologies we know the best?

Python, React.js, Angular, react-native, flutter, iOS, Android, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Docker, DevOps, Salesforce and workday is what we know the best.

Where are our team located?

We have our developer working in California, New York and India. We work in all timezones globally and can co-locate people for specific projects in any location as per needs.

Can we add any expertise to existing teams?

Definitely yes, if you are looking for experts for helping your team or solving a specific problem, we do cater to that kind of model.

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