Mobile Applications

Native is classic but Cross Platform Mobile App is the trend

Mobile Everywhere

In the last 5 years, the number of smartphone users in the world increased from approximately 1.5 billion to 2.8 billion. With around 1 billion increase, every application is required to go mobile. Android and iOS (Apple) application capture most of the market share in mobile applications, our expertise of native application development can help you go mobile for your applications. Being it enterprise or consumer application a good mobile user interface can increase user productivity.

With users going mobile, the need for mobile-first applications has increased and hybrid mobile application technologies made it easy to develop and deploy mobile apps. With easy to handle code and ability to run on both iOS and Android native platforms, technologies like react-native, flutter (google) are increasingly adopted in both enterprise and consumer applications. With cross-platform applications, the deployment, code, and scalability can be easily achieved.

Native vs Hybrid

With an increase in the use of cross-platform app technologies, it is not always advisable to always use hybrid or native. We have experts in both technologies who can help you to choose between react-native, flutter, iOS or Android based on your project and architecture.

Mobile First, Responsive, PWA

With the increasing use of small devices, the web and mobile apps are going in a similar direction now. With the introduction to responsive and progressive web apps, mobile and web apps are to be worked together in architecture, design, and development.

What We Know

Hybrid Technologies

  • Flutter by Google
  • react-native
  • ionic

iOS Development

  • XCode
  • Swift
  • Objective C

Android Development

  • Java
  • Gradle
  • Android Studio

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